A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Said He's Tired Of Rappers Trying To Copy His Sound

2018 ComplexCon - Day 2

Yall done went and pissed A boogie off man..... The BX rapper just dropped his latest single "King of My City" in anticipation of the release of his next album "Artist 2.0" which is set to drop this Friday (February 14th). While this is time for celebration of his success in the game, A Boogie took to twitter the other day to make a statement to all the new rappers who he thinks are trying to sound like him without showing love.

In the tweet he said:

Iight bet.🤯Keep on tryna sound like me without showing love and ima start to sue ya mf’s 😈😭 Fr tho this s--t is getting outta hand I’m not tryna knock nobody hustle I’m just getting sick of the craft ya bringing to the table. Making this s--t boring.

Check out the full tweet and video for "King of My City" below...

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