Blueface and DaBaby Team Up for "Obama"

DaBaby and Blueface are arguably two of the hottest rappers to come out of the XXL Freshman class last year, and they've dominated the charts, proving they belong here. But if you asked me if the two would ever jump on a track together, I wouldn't have thought that day would come, especially since the two have very different styles that work for them. But as of today, that is no longer true, and the two rappers have made it work on "Obama."

"Pull up like Trump and they duck like Donald, presidential on me just like Obama" is the catchy chorus that Blueface starts with, after that, Blueface and DaBaby go back to back on the track over a fun, jazzy beat that makes for an overall enjoyable experience.

Check it out below ⬇️ Do y'all rock with the song?

Photo: Getty

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