Kendrick Lamar's 'The Butterfly Effect' Biography Will Release October 13th

Kendrick Lamar will finally be releasing his biography 'The Butterfly Effect' this year!

Fans have been waiting for this biography since 2018, and Kendrick has finally mentioned when they can expect it. The biography will show readers the rapper's rise to stardom, detailing the artist's coming of age in the industry. Even though it's not clear that Kendrick Lamar's biography will come from Kendrick himself, it is clear that it will feature interviews from people who knew him during his childhood. Nevertheless, it seems like a must read. Marcus J. Moore of Pitchfork says,

“It [the book] details how his story directly connects to the charged spirits of art and revolution. Ultimately, the biography explores the broad global impact of Mr. Lamar and his work,”

'The Butterfly Effect' will release October 13th, 2020! 🐛➡️🌟

Credit: Getty Images

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