Russ Accuses Post Malone of Appropriating the Culture

Russ, at only 27 years old, has released over a dozen albums, has made a name for himself in the industry as both a cocky artist and one not to be messed with. He's already broken into the new decade with his new album, SHAKE THE SNOW GLOBE, and knowing him, there's no way he plans on slowing down. The rapper stop by Charlamagne Tha God's the Brilliant Idiots podcast to talk about his music goals and how he approaches making his music.

Now, Russ is no stranger to controversy, from how he doesn't feel bad about people who are addicted to drugs, calling them "losers," to bragging about how no one in the game is writing and producing his own music like he is. But on Brilliant Idiots, he had something to say about the presence of white people in hip-hop.

The topic moved from music execs signing black rappers that they wouldn't bring around their own kids, to how white people tend to steal from black culture. He elaborates that white people take the aesthetic, the culture, and how it's a "phase."

"You can't come into this from the vessel of hip-hop and use the clothes and the language and the music and then go on and start doing something white."

From there, Charlamagne interrupted him and asked if he was talking about Post Malone. To which he responded with this:

"Nah, I mean.. That's a fair example because I do think that it's an interesting thing to look at from that lens of where you come in with braids and golds to the point people are thinking you're mixed and now, you know, you drink Bud Light and wear cowboy boots and stuff."

Russ isn't afraid to congratulate Post Malone, and who can blame him? Whether you like him or not, he's probably one of the most popular artists right now.

"Your music's phenomenal, Post Malone's music is phenomenal. But I think the caricature of how (he) came in compared to where (he) is now... seems a little, it's a little interesting."

Watch the video below and check out the interview for yourself ⬇️

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