Jennifer Lopez Used Puerto Rican Flag As Stance Against Pres. Trump?

Jennifer Lopez wearing a Puerto Rican flag cape which was an American flag on the other side was a clear stab at President Donald Trump and his supporters who fail to understand that PR is very much part of the USA.

As we all know the island has been struggling since Hurricane Maria and our government has failed them miserably when it comes to aiding them adequately and helping the island re-establish themselves back into humane living conditions. President Trump and his administration are largely to blame for the blatant disregard for the well being of our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters.

Another major message which may have gone over people's heads is that J.Lo's daughter along with dozens of other children were inside cages while on stage. While the children stood inside the cages, J.Lo yells "Latinos, let's get loud!" as her daughter Emme sings "Born In The USA" with a chainlink fence in the background.

While some praise J.Lo for using such a major platform as the Super Bowl to bring awareness and/or honor Puerto Rico, some Puerto Rican Nationalists are not here for the move.

Chef Santana Caress Benitez, an Afro-Boricua who lives in Puerto Rico and prides herself in bringing to light the struggles of the island, called out J.Lo on the flag move and the whole NFL for their strategic decision to do an entire Latino halftime show to deflect from how "racist" the whole organization is.

"I saw a gif of @jlo wearing the godd*mn American/Puerto Rican flag. What a joke. What an embarrassment. Imagine having a stage that large and you choose to be a come mi*rda and promote colonialism. And you say you’re proud to be Boricua. Can’t say I’m shocked at all, the NFL so strategically went hella Latino with the lineup this year so we forget how racist the whole organization is AND that Latinos have a sick history of racism, too."

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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