Halftime Show Featured Kids In Cages, Fence Background + More


While last night we were too hype to maybe catch it all, today we're well rested and ready to dig into Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's Halftime performance.

One major message which may have gone over people's heads is that J.Lo's daughter along with dozens of other children were inside cages while on stage. While the children stood inside the cages, J.Lo yells "Latinos, let's get loud!" as her daughter Emme sings "Born In The USA" with a chainlink fence in the background.

If you're not familiar with these symbolisms or the meaning behind them, thousands children have been place in actual chainlink cages while being held in inhuman conditions by ICE at the USA-Mexico border.

Jennifer wearing a Puerto Rican flag cape which was an American flag on the other side was a clear stab at Donald Trump and his supporters who fail to understand that PR is very much part of the USA!

Check out all those key moments below.

Photo: Getty

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