3 People In New York City Reportedly Being Tested For Coronavirus


While there have been reports of some cases of the Coronavirus around the country, it sounds like there may be some people who have caught the virus right here in NYC. Apparently three people are currently being tested for the virus according to ABC 7 and the Department of Health including one patient who is already hospitalized in Queens.

According to Governor Cuomo there have already been 11 cases that have come back as negative. Mayor Bill De Blasio has commented on the matter explaining that the department of health is ready to handle any of the cases if they come back positive for the virus.

"If it turns out to be a positive case, the Department of Health will do the work that it is well-known for in tracing back all substantial contacts the individual has had to ensure that anyone else who may have been affected gets the potential medical treatment they need."

Meanwhile make sure to always wash and sanitize your hands especially if you are taking public transportation.

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