Young Dirty Bastard Talks Creating His Own Beer, Opening Up A Bank + More!

The young legend himself Young Dirty Bastard stopped by Enter Player Two this week! YDB has been keeping himself super busy most recently starring in the first official season of Growing Up Hip-Hop New York and creating his own beer which is called "Young Dirty Brew" is already out in select liquor stores in NYC and also serves as a homage to his father!

When asked what his next venture is now that he has had music and beer under his belt he said

"Young Determined Bankers, thats the goal, I'm working my hardest for these people to show love, for all of us to come together and invest in ourselves, we've been giving these other banks our money"

He also recently dropped a new record "Bar Sun" to honor his pops on his Birthday last year! Listen below (Courtesy of MS. Ms. Artistry)

Check out the full Interview above!

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