14-Year Old Girl Kidnapped by 3 Men and Saves Herself with Snapchat Alerts

Snapchat's Earnings Plummet, Sending Its Stock Down 20 Percent

Look at social media saving lives, one snap at a time.

According to CNN, a 14-year old girl from Northern California saved her own life using Snapchat to share her location with friends who then contacted the police.

Sources later revealed the girl met her kidnapper, Albert Thomas Vasquez, 55, on Tuesday in Capitola, the San Jose Police Department stated.

Vasquez drugged the girl, sexually assaulted her and later called two more men to help move the girl in their car.

"While in the hotel, the girl used the Snapchat app on her phone to tell her friends that she had been kidnapped, but didn't know where she was, police said. Her friends determined her location through the app and called 911." officials reported.

All parties involved were charged with rape and kidnapping of a minor.

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