Cardi B Accused Of Rocking "Blackface" Couture

Cardi B is enjoying Paris Fashion Week, but some are disturbed by her fashion choices. Specially after Gucci got all that heat after rolling out a similar piece, artist must be mindful and woke of what they're dressed in.

While many praise the rapper by telling her she's "killing it" with this look, others say their immediate reaction when looking at her posts is "black face!!!"

"Sorry but this is disturbing to my myself as well as many others. Shame on the designer who does not appear to be black to me. Stay woke people!!" wrote one Instagram user under Cardi's latest post from Paris.

In the same thread of comments many came to Cardi's defense saying that there's no way she would "go and do a stupid thing like that" since her husband and daughter are both black + Cardi is Afro-Latina herself.

The Belgian designer, Marine Serre, is know for creating these one piece catsuits which come with this ski-mask attached to it in different colors and patterns. Cardi's dress just happens to be black.

What are your thoughts? Offensive blackface or just bank robber ski-mask vibes?

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