Did You Know That Puerto Rico Is One Big Refugee Camp?


While the news seems to not care about Puerto Rico and their current crisis, Angie Martinez is all over it.

Straight from PR Angie had community activist, Monse, check in a give us a REAL account as to what the people of PR are dealing with at this moment and how things are looking on the ground there.

"It’s a big refugee camp in Puerto Rico, there’s camps scattered all over. There’s over 500 homes destroyed by the earthquakes There’s tents set up outside of my house, we have 12 person tents, 4 person tents, my dad sleeps in the car. For some reason the shaking is more powerful around the 4AM-8AM hours when people are sleeping. It’s very dangerous, people have been crushed by their homes. We feel like ants…this morning it felt like the ground was being sucked from under me. It's not safe at all.
"What worries me right now if the lack of medicine, hospitals, support for mental health. There’s kids that haven’t gone to school in three years since Maria and now most of the schools that were left open have been destroyed or people are occupying the schools because they lost their homes."

As to how one can support the people of Puerto Rico, Monse says we don't need to fly out to the island to hand out supplies and take photos for social media. The needs of the people change every single day and here's a link to items actual people can have delivered to them.

Right now Puerto Ricans are in survival mode and due to the lack of media coverage, the rest of the world don’t know they need to help.

Much respect to all our brother and sisters on the island who have done a phenomenal job of taking care of each other for YEARS now.

Here's a list of folks you can contact directly and ask what's needed and where to send it:

Tato Medical Camp: (939) 256-1001

La pista-Glid López: (787) 444-3143

Sandra Lopez: (863)709-4752 (Autistic children in need of water and medication)

Guánica Maria Aponte municipal coordinator (787) 691-5594

Cuesta Blanca Lajas Mellisa Martínez (939) 640-7945 60 refugees in need of various items

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