After Touring With Romeo Santos + Working With J.Lo Chachi Redies Her EP

Grizel "Chachi" DelValle made a guest appearance on the 'Life in Spanglish' podcast during which she opened up about how she's made her mark in the dance/music industry.

Raised in a Puerto Rican household, Chachi shared the ins and out of growing up in a Latino household, how dance was her first love and acted as a form of therapy for her.

The dancer, singer, actress whose first break in the industry was as a Salsa dancer for a company in New Jersey as a teen, went on to judge for ESPN and perform all over the world at 18 years old.

Chachi then transitioned into acting came when she became a part of the "Life of music of Celia Cruz musical" and even worked alongside Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in "El Cantante" as a lead dancer.

On the podcast she also breaks down the importance of being a student of the game which is a skill she took with her on tour with Romeo Santos and Don Omar, re-shifting her focus to her own career as an artist and switching up her musical style moving forward.

Be sure to stream her new single "I wanna dance with somebody" and be on the lookout for her EP that's set to release in the summer!

Watch the interview above.

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