First Day Rosie Perez Met Tupac They Spent The Day In Her Hotel Room

In a new interview with The New York Times Rosie Perez shares details about this one day she spent in her hotel room with Tupac Shakur. When asked for a memory of him stands out to her, Rosie shares how it went down the first time the met.


The first time I met him. That smile was wonderful, and he didn’t hit on me. I was so used to getting friggin’ hit on all the time in the music industry. And he didn’t. He’s like, “What’re you doing later?” “Nothing.” “All right, I’m gonna come by your room.” He came by my hotel room, and I wasn’t nervous. He lay down on the bed and pulled out a notebook and goes, “I wrote this poem. I want you to see if you like it.” He started reciting the poem, and I was like, “Yo, that’s good. You’re going to write a book of poetry.” And he goes, “I’m gonna be bigger than a book.” I was like, “I know that’s right.” We spent the whole day together. We ordered room service. We watched old movies. He smoked out the room. I had a full-blown anxiety attack that we were going to get arrested, and he couldn’t stop laughing at me, called me a cornball. I didn’t share my childhood with anybody, ever, and I shared it with him that day."

I'll never get tired of hearing Pac stories ❤️ thanks Rosie!

Photo: Getty

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