Kendrick Lamar Will Be Exploring New Sounds on His New Album

Kung Fu Kenny could be coming back in 2020, and it could be a complete switch-up 🤯

Kendrick Lamar has been pretty quiet since he released his Black Panther Soundtrack in 2018, and another year since we got his crazy project, DAMN. Which has got all of us wondering, is he going to drop a new project soon? The word around the street is that he's been hitting the studio recently, which has has hoping we're about to get another classic!

Well, after a tweet from a Billboard editorial director and columnist, whose got some pretty impressive ties apparently, who says he has an idea what Kendrick's 5th album will sound like.

Everyone's got their sources, so I gotta respect the industry flex, and if it what he says is true, a Kenny switch up might be the type of new music we need for 2020. Hell, I'll take any new Kendrick at this point. When I first heard it was gonna be rock inspired, I was skeptical. But I trust the process, and more importantly his, because I can't name a bad album by that man, and I don't think he's gonna go into this new decade without some heaters.

That isn't all Werde had to say, either.

Now he's just playing with us! Will we get his new album in 2020 or nah? He talks that CASH about how he's excited about this album releasing this year, but walks it back and says but "albums go back to the studio all the time after this point, and for a million different reasons." Guess we'll just be twiddling our thumbs and waiting for any rumor for this album to drop. But I'm feeling good about 2020 😎

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