Pop Smoke and Casanova Are Now Reportedly Beefing

Pop Smoke is currently one of the top new artists emerging out of New York City, helping broadcast Brooklyn back on the map for the rap scene.

Like most new breakout artists, the rapper has no problem claiming that he is the "King of New York" but not everybody is cool with his self-proclamation. Pop Smoke posted a teaser of a new song on the gram which mentioned the lyrics

"She love the way that I talk, she know that Papi outside, she know Im the King of New York.

Under the post he captioned it

"Y'all old n****s better pack it up, this aint no trashanova s***, no scary L s***, y'all know the woos run the city, y'all n****s could never be me.

Now this did not sit well with rapper, and Brooklyn native Casanova. He responded by posting on Instagram saying

Nobody runs New York its too much outside n****s to front like one n***a has those power to control the whole city!! Most of these n****s screaming they outside is p**sy!!

Its not quite clear where this beef stems from or the reason Pop Smoke decided to call out Casanova subliminally, but Pop Smoke isn't done with the clips.

Photo: GettyImages

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