Power Expected to Return to Puerto Rico This Weekend Following Earthquake

In the next few days, power is expected to be restored to all homes in Puerto Rico as a result of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that left the residents in these communities sleeping outside their homes and over 2,000 others in shelters. 

Between Thursday and Saturday three major power plants are expected to return. By the weekend, the entire Us Territory with about 3 million residents could have power according to Puerto Rico Electric Energy Authority CEO Jose Ortiz. By Sunday, a fourth plant could begin operating. He also mentioned that power has now been restored to about 700,000 of Puerto Rico’s 1.4 million utility customers across the island. 

For the residents of Puerto Rico still restoring after 2017s Hurricane Maria left the majority of the island in the dark for months, and following this latest earthquake it has definitely recalled the post-storm trauma for most. In response to the earthquakes, a public health emergency has been declared by Health and Human Services Secretary Alec Azar. Most say this earthquake is worse than Maria.

Photo: Getty

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