Go Fund Me Made for Puerto Rico Relief

Richard Colon, better known by his stage name Crazy Legs has organized a Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief in efforts to raise a goal of $10,000. The 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit on January 7th ,devastating several parts of Puerto Rico, leaving roughly two-thirds of the island without power and over 250,000 people without water and shelter. All while the island is still in recovery from Hurricane Maria. 

On Jan 10 Crazy legs will be traveling to Puerto Rico to provide relief to families and communities in need. This relief mission will include providing LUCI solar lights and mobile charges donated by MPOWERD, and water filtration systems that provide access to clean drinking water which will be partnered with Waves for Water. Hygienic products, emergency backpacks, battery powered flashlights will also be donated. 

The Go Fund me currently has about $6,200 as of today. Please help spread the word, donations of any amount are significantly appreciated and will enable Crazy Legs to give out additional supplies by hand to the citizens on the island making sure supplies are provided to those who need it. 


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