Rsonist Breaks Down Current State Of Producers, Creation Of "Dipset Anthem"

2020 starting off strong for the producer series! Pulling up to his Diamond District studio we sat down with RSONIST of The Heatmakerz to talk about what he thinks of the current state of producing, producing "Dipset Anthem" + More!

The New York producer who is responsible for some of The Diplomats biggest records spoke about the current state of the culture today and how in the era of smartphones and social media people no longer want to grow their own brand and expect things to come to them instantaneously

“People are scared, people want to win right away, now things are instantaneous, they’re scared to wait because everything is now instant, nothing now is build something up, wait grow a fan base and people don't wanna hear that. The producer said. “The game doesn’t work like that, maybe .0001% it does, but for the rest of reality you have to work to get to your goals and what you want to get to."

Watch the full Interview above...

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