Chet Hanks Responds to 'Patois' Controversy at Golden Globes

Before Sunday's Golden Globes, not many people knew who Chet Hanks was. Unfortunately, he's become a household name for all the wrong reasons. The son of actor Tom Hanks appeared on the red carpet in support of his father's being honored for the Cecil D. DeMille Award, and while on the red carpet, decided to celebrate his father's award by strangely premiering a thick Caribbean accent.

The 29 year-old has since received backlash over his use of the 'patois' accent, critics saying it is very obvious cultural appropriation. While his mother Rita Wilson seemed to enjoy the accent, others felt this was blatantly disrespecting Jamaicans and the culture by using the dialect native to the island country.

Since then, Chet has been using the publicity to promote his own music. While it may not be good publicity, he's certainly getting people's attention. He's even continued using the accent in every post since then, even while promoting music, which couldn't be further from the sound he's putting out in his music.

Now, the dude's even got the Jamaican flag in his bio 💀

Sorry, Chet. But you're doing a lot right now.

Chet recently took to Instagram and clarified that he's got "nothing but love" for Jamaicans, and even plans on making a trip to the island in the near future, thanking people for the love.

What do you think? Did you think his accent was funny, or was he out of pocket?

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