Angie Martinez Returns and Shares Details of Her Accident

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The Voice of New York is back! Angie Martinez made her return back on air since her severe car accident that occurred nearly 2 months ago. Back in early November she shared on social media details thats she was recovering from her injuries and showed gratitude towards all of the support she had been receiving. 

For her first day back after the car crash that shattered her vertebrae, she was finally able to go into details about the life changing moment.

The accident I can’t really talk about the details of it because insurance is still kinda figuring out whose fault it was,” she said. “It was in the daytime, I was running some errands, I was trying to avoid a car and went over a wall. It was like a 10 foot wall, so my car flew in the sky, dropped straight down. Luckily I was in my seat belt and everything, so the only thing that happened to me was my back broke. They had to cut the trees to get me out the car.

On Instagram live Angie revealed how much her conversation with Kevin Hart meant to her.

Im in the hospital on drugs, emotional before my surgery and I said can you please find me Kevin. I really wanted to say thank you thats its. Kevin got on the phone and he didn't want to hear s*** about thank you. He was like yeah ok, but listen tell me how you feel. He broke everything down for me,said Martinez. 

Angie mentioned that she is currently in rehab. She had spent 3 weeks in the hospital before going to physical therapy. Her doctors, nurses, aids, friends and family have also been supportive, keeping her in good spirits and she gave encouraging words to others.

“This might happen to somebody listening and you really feel in that moment Im not ever gonna be able to feel like myself again, but you will, the storm will pass.” 

Glad to have her back! 🙏

Photo: Getty Images

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