Young Solider Gives Folks A Reality Check On War

1st Brigade Combat Team Soldiers Return Home After Afghanistan Deployment

Sending love and prayers to all our soldiers in the front lines 🙏🏾

A young soldier has gone viral after sharing a heartfelt and very real video message letting us know that while it's all fun and games on social media, war is a serious matter.

He goes on to ask us to please post some positive stuff supporting out troops as opposed to all the memes making fun of a situation which will end in death for many of our troops.

Soldier Johnson:
A man this sh*t ain’t no game . A lot of us might not be coming back and I been here since November.. so y’all tighten up and post sum positive or sum good lucky wishes or prayers.. everything y’all post don’t got to be funny.. 💯 ik y’all clout chasing but damn show love too💯❤️ To all the soldiers that coming over here to join us .. keep y’all head up ... if you going thru sum I’m here to listen and Ima have a ear open for you ... it’s all love for my brothers and sister this way ❤️ we gone make it back home safe 🤞🏾❤️

If you are in the military or a Veteran, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your service.

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