Faith Evans Is Big Mad Over New Lifetime Doc

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Lifetime says Faith Evans is ready to confront her pain and revisit the most intimate moments of her relationship with The Notorious B.I.G. from their engagement, to Biggie’s ongoing affairs with Lil’ Kim and Charli Baltimore, to the rivalry that led to Tupac and Big’s deaths and much more.

BUT! According to Page Six, Faith is furious with Lifetime’s new doc “Biggie and Faith Evans.” Faith says she was told it would be a positive portrayal of their relationship and would also focus on her life now. However, it appears Lifetime had other plans.


“I feel upset that I’m attached to it. I was told that it would be a positive piece with a little more of my personal background. It wasn’t pitched to me as a story rehashing the sensationalized events that took place. I am beyond that and have no need to open old wounds, damage repaired relationships and, above all, soil the legacy of Christopher Wallace a k a the Notorious B.I.G.,”

The trailer is set to air on Jan 10th as an episode of “Hopelessly in Love.”

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