Here are "The Best Stocks to Buy for 2020"

The S&P 500 is up over 25% year-to-date, and I bet you noticed the bump in your retirement/brokerage accounts. While 25% is a good return, there's so much more potential returns on your money that you may be missing out on. Investors that scooped up shares of some of the year’s hottest stocks did even better. Hopefully you were one of the folks who saw their portfolios soar thanks to:

-Docusign (up 80% YTD)

-MercadoLibre (up 95% YTD)

-The Trade Desk (up 115% YTD)

-Apple (up 84% YTD)

-Roku (up 355.35% YTD)

-Shopify (up 185.31% YTD)

These stocks are some of the best performers in the market this year. In this video, analysts are going to break down how the stock market did in 2019, the major stories investors need to know about 2020, & the best stocks to buy for 2020 so that YOU can stay ahead of the game!

Enjoy and spread the knowledge❗️📈

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