Juelz Santana To Be Released From Prison By Next Summer According To Wife

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Juelz Santana could be getting out of prison by the Summer according to his wife Kimbella. Taking to Instagram Kimbella posted a picture of the dipset rapper from where he is being helled with a bit up an update for fans who have been waiting to here how he has been doing.

F--k out of here 2019!! Summer 2020 my HUSBAND will be home, bring on the new year so we can start our new beginning!! We did our longest leg in the feds now we’re on our shortest leg count down til he comes, the kids and I are so looking forward to it! This year was tough but we got through it through the grace of GOD! I am grateful my husband is doing well doing what he has to do. Juelz says WHAT UP and he’ll be home soon.

Now while his original release date was set to be in February of 2021 he could get out early for good behavior. Santana was sentenced to 27 months behind bars last December due to an incident where he tried to go through airport security with a loaded gun and oyxcodone at his time, where he also fled the scene of the crime.

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