A$AP Rocky's Alleged Sex Tape Leaks, Twitter Reacts

A$AP Rocky is back to being the talk of the Internet, but this time Sweden is not involved.

Early Thursday morning (December 19), Rocky became the number one trending topic on Twitter after his alleged sex tape leaked online. While it has yet to be confirmed if it is, in fact, Rocky in the video, Twitter is convinced that it is him and thus, the memes have been rolling in.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions below.

Rocky's alleged sex tape leak comes just over a week after he returned to Sweden.

To mark his grand return to the country that imprisoned him for weeks earlier this year, the 31-year-old rapper hit the stage at Stockholm's Ericsson Globe on December 11 with a giant cage as one of his props (at one point during the show, Rocky even performed inside the cage), an obvious reference to his incarceration.

Despite Rocky's drama-filled history with the Scandinavian country, he preached messages of positivity, telling the crowd, per Complex, "I brought you here today for love and unity. That's why I brought you here [...] Today, there's people who were fortunate enough to buy tickets today, and to you people, I thank you for coming. [...] Today there was people who couldn't afford it, and they still made it here, and I love you people ... The whole message today: Spread love and have f**kin' fun." (See videos from the show HERE, HERE, and HERE)

Photo: Getty Images

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