Angie Martinez Announces Her Return - Thankful For Kevin Hart's Guidance

Guess who's coming back!

Angie Martinez called up The Breakfast Club this morning and announced that she will be back on her radio throne on January 7th!

While discussing her hiatus with TBC, she shared some details about the freak car accident which has kept her off air since the end of October and how Kevin Hart helped her get through this difficult time. "When this first happen I never really felt pain like that in my life, I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Kevin about it" says Angie.

Kevin who was also in a car accident earlier this year, went through the same injuries/surgery as Angie did and had to also fight through the same painful/extensive recovery process for months.

Angie will be back on air officially on Tuesday January 7th ❤️ so make sure you join us as we celebrate her return. 2020 promises to be a MAJOR year for the radio legend who has now another story of overcoming adversity all while keeping positive/hopeful to share with her loyal listeners 🙏🏾

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