SmokePurrp Mentions Writing "I Love It" for Kanye and Lil Pump

SmokePurrp spoke out on Adam22's No Jumper Podcast about writing hit record 'I Love It' for Kanye West and Lil Pump.

When the record released in September of last year, it went straight to #1 on Billboard. Purrp recollected about the day he wrote the record which was coincidently on Lil Pump's birthday. He said the song randomly just came out. When Adam asked Purrp about if he was credited as a writer, Purrp replied,

"Yeah, I get money."

I guess it's safe to say the talented, Interscope artist has his business in order and is getting a good chunk of change from the #1 record.

Deadstar 2 is on the way and fans cannot wait!

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