A$SAP Rocky Responds to Being Denied to Donate or Perform in Sweden

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After serving time in Sweden earlier this year, A$AP Rocky scheduled to return to the country for the first time since being released and help out.

Last month, we reported that Rocky was set to return to Sweden and design new uniforms for the inmates from his facility. However, it was announced last week that he would not be able to donate or perform for the inmates in Sweden.

He took to Twitter yesterday morning to express his frustration with the turn of events. "Even when I'm denied access to donate or perform for the inmates in Sweden, I still want to raise awareness for the immigrants and poor people of the outside surrounding areas. This has been a difficult journey, but I fell it's my task to give back to people who supported me when I was down."

Time will tell how Rocky decides to continue to support and give back.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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