Prosecutors Are Asking For 6ix9ine To Get A Lesser Sentence For Cooperation

Tekashi  6ix9ine Performs in Concert in Stockholm

In the ongoing case of Tekashi 6ix9ine and his associates (some of which have already been given lengthy prison sentences), it looks like the rappers cooperartion with the goverment may have worked in favor.

According to court documents federal preosectors are currently asking the judge to consider how cooperative Tekashi has been in the case.

Since he has been so cooperative in the case and investigation of Nine Trey Members he should be given a more lenient sentence. This is a far cry from the original minimum of 47 years he was facing before hand but in the notes the prosecutors do emphasize that the Brooklyn rapper will need full security and his life will never be the same if and when he is released.

Tekashi's sentencing date is set for December 18 at 10am EST.

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