Kim Viera Talks Auditioning For "Husslers", New Single With Cuban Doll

Saying Kim Viera has been making major noise in 2019 would be an understatement! With records such as "Como" with Daddy Yankee & "Ay Ay Ay" with Pitbull the singer alone has amassed millions of views and streams online. Before 2019 is over though she has one last offering for fans in the form of "Adios" which will feature Cuban Doll.

The singer also opened up about her experience auditioning for the "Hustlers" movie, specifically for the roll that ended up going to Cardi B.

"Im 99.9% sure it was Cardi's role, because my audition went really well, the casting directors loved it, but they got back to my team and told me the roll went to Cardi"

Check out the full Interview below...

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