Kendall Jenner Encounters Yet Another Intruder at Her Home

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Kendall Jenner had yet another uninvited guest intrude her Hollywood Hills home last night, according to TMZ.

According to law enforcement sources, the man had jumped a neighbor's fence near Kendall's home and made his way to her home just before midnight. The suspect, to be named 27-year-old Richard Eggers, didn't get far after Kendall's security took control of the situation and held the man until LAPD arrived to arrest him.

The man was allegedly going door to door collecting signatures from residents to impeach President Donald Trump. This isn't the first time the man approached Kendall's property, after stopping by her place back in September but fleeing before her security can grab ahold of him.

This has become a growing concern for Kendall's safety as she's had multiple intruders approach her home. The good thing is that Kendall is safe and sound.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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