Lauryn Hill's Cousin to Release Bank Records or Face Jail Time

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The courts have ordered Lauryn Hill's cousin to present his bank records or he'll have to risk jail time, according to Complex.

In a series of court documents, Lauryn Hill asked a New Jersey judge to make her cousin Gerald Hill to release his financial records so she claim over $70,000 that is owed from him. The judged ruled in favor of Lauryn, claiming her rights were violated and he now has 10 days to release his bank records, or else a warrant for his arrest will be issued out.

Back in June 2018, Hill sued her cousin for not repaying $56,000 she loaned him just a year prior. Gerald had signed a contract in 2016 stating the would pay his cousin back before Sept. 15 2017, and if didn't pay in full on time, the contract stated a 10 percent annual interest rate would be added to the amount he owed.

In her lawsuit, Lauryn claimed that Gerald had made no attempts to pay back the money, and by the time the famed singer filed her complaint with the courts, Gerald owed amount rose to $65,000.

Lauryn has since been awarded $65,000 plus attorney fees, making a total of $72,886.62 after the courts ruled in her favor this month. Gerald had not shown up to hearings so he can please his case, despite haven been served by the court.

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