5 Gifts To Get The Gamer In Your Life This Holiday Season

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We all have gamers in our lives and with the Holiday season quickly approach our friends over at P.C. Richard & Son have helped us put together a list of some of the hottest products to get that special gamer in your life!

The hit series has been around for 23 years now and has shown no signs of slowing down as the games move over from the Nintendo DS to Nintendo Switch. This game will for sure be a hit for any Pokemon or video game fan in your life of any age!

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a hit beyond anyones expectations not only serving as a successor to the Nintendo Wii but also serving as a portable console that you can take on the go!

The most recent iteration of the console is the "Nintendo Switch Light", this version is smaller than the original and great for casual gaming fans.

While EA has had some misses in the past with their Star Wars video game titles, "Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order" has already proven to be not only an amazing entry into the Star Wars lore but also a solid all around video game and hey who doesn't love hacking & slashing around with a lightsaber?!

Death Stranding is the latest story based game that is taking the world by storm as it was just nominated for NINE Video Game Awards including "Game of The Year", "Game Direction", "best Music", the list goes on and on. Need we say more??

Fornite is of course the biggest game in the world and with the latest installement taking the franchise to whole new levels they also have release some awesome bundle packages that you can buy which offer around $80 worth of content for only $30! These bundles include their Darkfire Bundle (where you can embrace your darkside), and their Deep Freeze Bundle (to help you stay warm this winter).

This will 100% be a hit for your little Fornite lover in your life!

All these gifts + more will be available at P.C. Richard & Son this Holiday season, so head on over and happy gaming!

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