Texas Woman Sentenced to 10 Years for Sending Bombs to Barack Obama's House

Last year, the U.S Secret Service intercepted a suspicious package sent to Barack Obama and district judge, Vanessa Gilmore put the Texas woman behind bars!

47 year old Julia Poff has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for sending explosives to the home of the 44th President. Poff plead guilty to the charges back in July and begged the judge to let her off easy for being a good samaritan in the past and even went as far as citing bible verses that she lives by.

She told the judge,

"My problem is that I have a huge heart and I'm too trusting of people. All I can say is I'm sorry to the people I've hurt."

Investigators were able to link the box to Julia Poff and her husband using a cat hair found taped under the box's address label. Tests later came back to match samples taken from Poff's cat. The box also included an old cell phone which Poff's daughter later identified as her old phone. Detectives also found a transaction on Poff's debit card for a micro-USB with the same barcode as the one found in the explosive device. The courts found the defendants actions to be calculated, pervasive, and continuous over an extended period of time and stated that Poff knew what she was doing.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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