Bill Gates Reclaims His Spot as the #1 Richest Person In The World

2019 New York Times Dealbook

Bill Gates must not have liked the fact that he wasn't the richest person in the world anymore.

The businessman's 24-year reign as the #1 richest person in the world ($160 Billion) was snatched by CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos for two years until this Friday. The Microsoft CEO regained his position when Microsoft's stock price jumped nearly 48 cents per share which boosted the value of his stake in the company. Bill Gates' net worth now sits at an eye opening $110 Billion. As many know, Bezos was set back after he had to pay out an incredible $35 billion to his estranged wife after their divorce. Despite the fact, the playing field was leveled when Gates donated more than $35 billion to his charity.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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