Kanye West Speaks At Joel Olsteen's Church

On Sunday Kanye West brought his message to Lakewood Church 🙏🏾 which is ran by Joel Olsteen and his wife.

While Kanye didn't serve up his spectacular production which includes about 100 choir singers, he did took the stage to speak about his spiritual journey.


God was there with me sending me visions and inspiring me. I remember sitting in the hospital at UCLA after having a mental breakdown and there's documentation about me drawing a church and writing "start a church."

Kanye then low-key goes off on a parishioner who yelled out at him and asked everyone to be quiet because he needs complete silence so he can let "god flow" through him.

Ye also talks about strip clubs being sorta like sex trafficking, alcohol being a spirit and how the devil is doing everything he can to distract people from being fully in service with the lord.

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