Real Review: Tina On Broadway Is Spectacular!

"Tina - The Tina Turner Musical" Opening Night

The hype is real! Tina The Tina Turner Musical is a Broadway gem and the leading lady, Adrienne Warren, is a whole entire STAR.

The musical which is executive produced by the ICON herself Tina Turner and her husband, Erwin Bach, is the perfect balance of drama, comedy and top notch musical performances.

As in any musical based on a musician, the vocals must A1 and Adrienne killed those Tina songs! Her vocal range had the crowd ready to serve up standing ovations after every song, but we held off until the end, LOL. Speaking of the end, the closing number to Tina is pretty much a real life concert as they recreate Tina's 1988 Brazilian concert.

While the first part focused mostly on the early part of Tina's life and career, the second part of the musical gives us the Tina most of us younger folks came to know and love. We get to see Tina morph into the musical legend she is today and also get to experience performances of her smash hits such as: 'Private Dancer,' 'Disco Inferno' and 'What's Love Got To Do With It.'

While the world collectively hates Ike Turner, his character played by Daniel J. Watts, was one of my favorites of the production. His Ike mannerisms, fashion and overall look were right on target. And I must say not only has an amazing voice, but his body is right and tight! Sorry had to throw that in there.

I must send my love and prayers to Jessica Rush who plays Tina's sister, Aillene Bullock, as she was hurt during the performance 🙏🏾 she was quickly replaced by her understudy who pulled it off amazingly. In true Broadway fashion: "The Show Must Go On!" but I wish her a speedy recovery.

The Rock legend was on hand for opening night (Nov. 7) appearing with Oprah and her husband at the Premiere looking stunning in a golden Giorgio Armani gown.

The Queen of Rock delivered an emotional speech in front of a mesmerized audience telling everybody 'how proud' she is to see her life coming to Broadway

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