Find Out How Users Are Replaying Their Favorite Tracks From the Year

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Apple Music has rolled out a new feature on their app, called "Apple Music Replay" and everyone is obsessed.

This new function lets active users look back at all the songs they loved and listened to the entire year of 2019. The new feature is at the top of the Browse section list in the Apple Music app. By clicking the "19 REPLAY" banner, users are sent to the Safari web browser version of app where they can click "Get Your Replay Mix" and you'll be fully immersed into your music playbacks review for the year.

However, this feature is not a new idea. A few years back, Spotify introduced a similar feature called "Spotify Wrapped" where users get to recap their most-listened-to tracks of the entire year.

These similar features are both free for their users, generate a playlist of your top songs from the year, and will even give you insight into the top artists you listened to that year.

Unlike Spotify's Wrapped feature is seasonal and launch arounds the end of the year during Christmas time, Apple's feature will be available all year-round and will auto-update each week as you stream music on their platform.

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