Record Breaking Cold Temperatures Chill Many Parts of the U.S

Snow And Low Temperatures Usher In Winter In Chicago

Record breaking cold temperatures and snowfall are causing mayhem around the U.S.

The numbing weather has recently caused a multitude of car crashes in locations including Kansas, Ohio, and Syracuse and is predicted to get worse for millions of Americans later in the winter.

300 cold weather records are expected to be tied or broken by today and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that 30% of the continental U.S is covered by snow as of today.

Snowfall records were broken across the Northeast and Great Lakes. In Buffalo, the city got more than ten inches of snow which broke a 77-year old record and more impressively, parts of northern Michigan saw upward of 30 inches of snow. Detroit picked up 8.5 inches of snow on Monday making it the snowiest November since 1874. Low temperatures in Minnesota almost hit below zero where they hovered just over zero degrees, and also set a brand new record low in Chicago where it hit a low of seven degrees.

Make sure you bundled up and take a lot of Vitamin C because as we all know, flu season is upon us.

More importantly, Drive Safely!

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