Kehlani Pours Her Heart Out and Opens up about YG on 'You Know Wassup'

Kelani got really vulnerable with fans on her new SoundCloud exclusive- ‘You Know Wassup’. This is the first we’ve heard from her since YG was seen outside a LA nightclub with a mystery woman.

She explained that she's felt a range of emotions but still remains in love. It's clear she still wants to work through things and she even expressed wanting to get married in the future...

"And I'll still tell the world I'm in love with you/ Cause I ain't ashamed of sh*t got your name tatted on my wrist / Any b*tch got a bone to pick, you know whose phone to hit / Cause I'm still with all the actions and all that sh*t / You're still my love, you're still my heart, that's still my date / Still wanna be Mrs. Jackson, still wanna be a co-captain / So don't lose a girl of your dreams Waited five years to be on my team"

Fans can be sure these lyrics are about YG because his birth name is Keenon Jackson. The "five years" lyric corresponds to one of Kehlani's tweets where she captioned a photo of the two "5 years in the making."

The couple made their first public appearance a few weeks ago during New York Fashion Week. Fans seemed to be rooting for them but things took a left turn when TMZ reported that YG reportedly kissed a woman outside a LA club. YG denied the allegations and said he was "drunk, got carried away and it was very regretful for putting himself in that situation and hurting Kehlani." 

Nevertheless it seems the two are still going strong despite the allegations!

Photo: Getty Images

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