NYC Man Claims He Found A Half Smoked Joint In His Popeyes Sandwich

Signage of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on a yellow background

Man....... Only in New York.

Jeremey Merdinger who is a resident of Alphabet City last week strolled into Popeyes to see what all the hype was about with their infamous chicken sandwich and well he got an extra little disgusting surprise in his food.

Speaking with the New York Post Merdinger shares his reaction when he took a bite out of the sandwich and found a smoked joint inside:

"I was shocked at first These are things you see on social media a couple of times a year, and for it to happen to me, I was shocked and disguste

The Customer also sent an email with pictures of the joint but has yet to get a response, however a Popeyes spokesperson has come out to comment on the incident:

“We have high standards for the quality of our ingredients and the preparation of our food. We take all feedback about our meals seriously and quickly take action to make sure all of our guests have a good experience.”

Moral of the story, check your food before you eat it, you can see the picture below...

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