Trina Goes Off on a White Woman Who Called her a "N****r B***h"

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A racist white woman in a Walmart called Trina a “n****r b***h,” and the Miami rapper went all the way off.

Witnesses tell TMZ Trina accidentally bumped into the woman when she was shopping in a Florida Walmart. The lady then told Trina “Watch out you n****r b***h.”

Trina doesn’t take lightly to disrespect and she didn’t hesitate to put the woman in her place. In the video, you can hear Trina say, “say it again you dirty-ass b***h! I am an n****r b***h. Say it again! I dare you to say it!” At that point the lady was super quiet.

Authorities were called to the scene, but Trina decided not to file a police report. However, cops reportedly escorted Trina to her vehicle for safety measures.

At this time Trina hasn’t publicly addressed the situation.

Photo: Getty Images

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