Life In Spanglish: RIP Walter Mercado, Lulu y Lala Discuss Their Come Up

In this weeks episode of Life In Spanglish, Honey and Carolina discussed the passing of Walter Mercado who was a Puerto Rican astrologer, where his astrological predictions shows aired for decades.

Honey and Carolina also sat down with Lulu Y Lala, and discussed their story on becoming radio-personalities and how they left a position and got a call for another position in the general market rather than latin.They also discussed the struggle of not being able to say everything on air due to their culture background was a struggle.

We would censor ourselves a lot, and it would frustrate him( on air co-host) .'Cause we were so worried que vas a pensar Mami, if I say a story that maybe I over drank too much one night.

Listen to the full interview and podcast below:

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Contenido patrocinado