Deelishis Dating One Of The Exonerated Five Guys

Wait one minuted! Deelishis from 'Flavor of Love' is dating one of the "Exonerated Five" guys?

Turns out Raymond Santana has been spending some time with the reality star and the two took to social media to share photos from their recent date.

When folks tried to call out Ray for allegedly being married, he clapped back letting the haters know that he's a single man despite what the blogs be pushing out.


Ok... so first off, this picture is for all the HATERS!!! Second..NO..IAM NOT stop reading those fake ass websites that get all of my info wrong. And third.. thank you to all the true people who love and support me regardless..I appreciate you guys..

In the words of Ava DuVernay: live your best life Raymond!

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