Queens Man Caught Trafficking Nearly $15 Million in Fake Timberlands & UGGs

VF Corp To Buy Timberland For $2.2 Billion

A Queens man was apprehended earlier today for trafficking nearly $5 million in fake Timberlands and UGG boots into New York.

According to reports by the NYPost, Hai Long Haung has been transporting thousands of pairs of shoes from China since 2011. They were transported via shipping containers and sold on the corner of Delancey and Suffolk streets for years.

The shoes would arrive as 'generic,' according to documents, and then stamped with the renowned UGG and Timberland logos in order to make more of a profit.

As we know, Timberlands can sell for up to $400 per pair, while UGGs can cost anymore near $550, depending on the type of design.

For now, Manhattan federal court expects to see Haung later today for his charges.

Photo: Getty Images

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