Battery Charges Against Dave East Have Been Dropped

TMZ reports that the battery charges against Dave East have been dropped. Last month the tabloid reported that East assaulted a women during an alleged threesome, but it turns out that he was actually the victim.

According to East the women asked to use his bathroom, and ended up finding his jewelry. When he became suspicious and asked them to leave the women became violent. In a statement his lawyer Stacey Richman wrote that, “the woman threw a soap dispenser and bottles of champagne at Dave. One of the bottles shattered on the wall, sending glass flying and cutting Dave. Another bottle hit Dave with force in the head."

Charges were dropped after his attorney submitted medical documentation proving that he obtained a concussion during the incident. Richman, made it clear the rapper wasn't the one who started the fight but instead "attempted to responsibly quell the situation."

”I always treat women with nothing but respect," he said after the charges were dropped. East then preceded to celebrate on Instagram and blast TMZ… Check out the post below!

Photo: Getty Images

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