McDonald's Apologizes After Displaying Insensitive Decorations


A McDonald's restaurant in North Andover, Massachusetts has come out and apologized about harsh decorations that many customers found to be "insensitive". It all started when a customer walked in the restaurant and began to adore the decorations at first. The customer (Erik Pocock) didn't think anything of the halloween decorations until he analyzed the decoration a little bit closer and recognized a man hanging by th neck from a tree.

“Something so insensitive like this, they need to take it down. They should have thought twice about putting it up.” says Pocock

After the fact, the restaurant's owner/operator Chuck Lietz issued a statement to local stations apologizing for the decorations.

“We deeply regret that these decorations were on display, and as soon as we identified the inappropriate content, we immediately removed the decorations display. Creating an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all our guests and employees is critically important to us, and we apologize for any unintended offense they may have had on our community.” explains Lietz.

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