Angie Pitches 'Strong Knee Gyal' Collab W/ HoodCelebrityy And Megan

#PowerhouseNYC is only a few days away and with our pre-party going down tonight at Villain in Brooklyn we had one of the artists Hood Celebrityy stop by The Angie Martinez show to talk about the show and Angie even pitched her a collab idea with Megan Thee Stallion.

Giving an Angie a bit of a n update about her life since we last saw her around the time she released her smash hit “Walking Trophy”, Hood has been steady dropping records since then such as “Bum Pon It” from her “You Know The Vibez” EP with dropped last week! The dancehall artist has also returned to Jamaica to perform at Carnival there sharing that they showed her so much love oversees and it was a beautiful experience for her.

Since HoodCelebrityy is known to have VERY strong knees Angie pitched the idea that her and Megan Thee Stallion should do a song titled “Strong Knee Gyal” since they both of course have some of the strongest knees in the game.

Check out the full Interview below...

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