Lyft Offers Free or Discounted Rides for Passengers Going to Job Interviews


The ridesharing company Lyft announced their new Job Access Program, an initiative that will offer users "making their way through the employment pipeline" with free or discounted rides.

This new initiative will only give these promotional rides for users going to and from job interviews, a new place of employment within the first three week (or until your first paycheck), or those enlisted in professional training programs. After an in-house study by the company, they found that 44 percent of their rides start or end in low income areas.

This resulted in the rideshare enterprise will help benefit users who live in low income areas, 18 to 24-year-olds seeking their first job, veterans, refugees, disabled individuals, and those formally incarcerated.

The program will have Lyft work alongside various nonprofits, including Goodwill, United Way, and the USO.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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