Lori Harvey Arrested After a Hit and Run Accident

Lori Harvey, was arrested Sunday night in Beverly Hills, California after she fled the scene of a hit and run. According to the Beverly Hills police department she was charged with a misdemeanor hit and run, and delaying a police investigation.

Harvey was reportedly texting and driving her Mercedes G-Wagon when she hit a parked Toyota Prius. The G-Wagon tipped all the way over on its side .The driver from the other car reportedly helped pull her from her car, and then she walked away.

Cops quickly arrived at the scene and found Harvey nearby. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured. Sources say she facetimed Steve Harvey while she dealt with officers.

Harvey wasn’t taken into custody. Instead, she was issued a ticket and told she was free to go. The news comes right after it was rumored that Harvey and Sean "Diddy" Comes ended their relationship.

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